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We believe societies are best governed by indigenous principles -- politically, economically and socially -- and we seek to enshrine these principles in all national constitutions. Are you up to the challenge?


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Indigenous peoples have typical physical features (skin color, eye color, nostril shape, eye shape, cheek placement, lip shape, chin shape, hair type, height, body shape, et cetera) that reflect a particular local environment. The cultural expressions (language, rituals, spiritual practice, clothing, mores, mindset, et cetera) also reflect a particular local environment.

Indigenous cultures are as diverse as Earth's terrain, but intimate connection to a specific environment fosters three essential principles:

  1. deep respect for Earth and its inhabitants, and appreciation for the gifts of nature (awareness of space);
  2. special concern for elders and youth as markers of past and future, pointers to future and past (awareness of time);
  3. recognition of the oneness of all things sharing the space-time continuum, and of the fluidity of distinctions between them.

Sustainable human societies are rooted in indigenous principles. Those societies least rooted in these principles are disconnected from the natural world and experience environmental destruction, social dislocation, and unending states of war as a consequence. All national governments should measure themselves -- and be measured against -- these principles.

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